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On the contrary to what seems like the most natural images to capture during your fishing trips— We are not just looking for posed fish catches w/ your rod. One of most rewarding things about our sport is the time spent on the water and with Mother Nature in general! We love and appreciate all images surrounding the lifestyle. These are the images that truly resonates and elevate our marketing materials. Listed below are a number of pictures to be on the look out for capturing and sharing with your favorite rod manufacturer!

*Remember this is a great opportunity to market yourself or your company/services to our audience as well! We always credit, tag or link to the original content provider.


Tackle/gear, setup/rigging, organization closeups, tying, pre/post bass tournament, competitions, industry events, douglas apparel,


Angling from a distance (broad view w/ surroundings), camp, morning sunrise/set, landscapes, fog, animal encounters, insect hatches, nature/foliage, natural anomalies, fish release


Mid cast rod bends, close ups (rod label,reel,guides,hand interaction), rods and reels- in the boat, on the bank, in camp, on moss/tree bark, in the water, multiple rods together.

And of course fish holding images…

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