Your votes are in! And though we must name one champion, we all are winners being a part of this exceptionally passionate and talented community!

Congratulations to our 2021 FlyOff Winner, Mayfly Cripple by @_day_fly_

You have a New SKY G 5wt (or another rod of choice) coming your way! Which will it be?

Runner up honors, a closely contested race, goes to the Scud by @wgpenny narrowly overtaking @grahamjonesflytying Parachute Supphur Dun! Well done gentleman! We did not originally have prizes for “runner up” but will be sending you each a Douglas Magnetic Nipper!


Congratulations to all our incredible finalists and entries! It was our true pleasure to host this Annual FlyOff and hope you all enjoyed the process as much as we did! Now it’s time to tie these Flys on our line at the end of our (Douglas) Fly Rod and put them to work!!

Thank you all for being a part of the fun! Stay in touch and tuned in for more opportunities this Spring to win some great gear from Douglas!

Thank you to our partners
@tightlineproductions @loonoutdoors @svendiesel @spawnflyfish @hopperjuan_fly_tying

Contest Prizes:


Takes home a new Douglas Sky G 5wt OR any singlehanded 2-6wt rod by Douglas [winner’s choice]


Will receive a multitool prize pack (Iconic Kit, UV Fly Tying Kit, and Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit) courtesy of []


Will receive a Tying Materials Bundle. Courtesy of []


Will receive Douglas Magnetic Nippers and a box of flies courtesy of [@svenddiesel] [@tightlineproductions] [@hopperjuan_fly_fishing]

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