Have you ever dreamed of fishing for Iceland’s Native Ice Age Browns or Giant Arctic Char? Now is your chance! We have partnered with Iceland’s premiere outfitter Fish Partner and other incredible brands to offer an ultimate fishing adventure for TWO in Iceland as well as an epic GEAR PACKAGE to bring along! The Ultimate Fly Fishing Giveaway runs thru February 7th, winner will be announced February 9th. Winner may select to go in either the 2021, 2022 or 2023 seasons. No purchase is necessary— see official rules here.

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Fish Partner Guided Trip in Iceland!

Highlands Rivers, Kaldakvísl and Tungnaá

Three days of guided fishing, lodging and all meals for two at the private Fish Partner Highlands Lodge! The Highlands are truly the heart of Iceland with uncanny beauty and epic scenery, offering an experience unlike any other. Here you can truly become one with nature as the Highlands are untouched and uninhabited by man. The vast wilderness – mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes and rivers – demonstrate the powerful forces of fire and ice which over centuries have shaped the landscape of this volcanic island. Amidst all of this beauty, there is the trout and the arctic char – peacefully cruising the gin-clear streams since the Ice age. The experience cannot be put into words – it has to be lived.


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Anglers will fish both river Kaldakvísl and river Tungnaá. The river Kaldakvísl is truly a hidden gem. Fished only by a select few, Kaldakvísl has now been made exclusively available only to the customers of Fish Partner. Diversity and contrasts are the river’s main characteristics. On the 12 km (16 mile) beat, one can find beautiful waterfalls, great canyons, fast water, slow water, rocks, sand and so much more. The river is full of arctic char, their size averaging at 3-4 lbs, although char weighing up to 7 lbs can be found there, as can big brown trout.

River Tungnaá is gin-clear spring water flowing into beautiful micro canyons area along with traditional fast and slow running pools, filled with big Arctic char. This smallish, south Iceland Highland trout stream is probably one of the best-kept trout secrets in global angling. It is a technical river where stealth, among other attributes, is needed. The quarry is native brown trout and monster chars. They are on average 2-5 pounds, with the monsters ranging to 10 pounds.

This trip offers a unique opportunity to get to know the Icelandic Highlands and to do some world-class Arctic Char and Brown Trout fishing in one trip. In the evenings, after having enjoyed the outstanding cuisine at our Highland Fishing Lodge, you can either relax in the lodge, fish the creeks right outside the lodge, or take a sightseeing trip to the numerous waterfalls, canyons, and glaciers in the Highlands and of course take an unforgettable thermal swim in the hot spring stream in Landmannalaugar.

$1000 Under Armour Credit

UAFish Recommendations:

Shoreman Jacket and Bib

Do you practically live on the water? Here’s your gear. It’s 100% waterproof and windproof, but it’s still crazy-lightweight and super-breathable, so you can stay focused.

Cold Gear Base 3.0 Layers

UA Base 3.0 is built for very cold weather and moderate activity. It uses a unique pattern that’s designed to trap heat without adding bulk. Think long underwear, revamped for today’s top athletes.

Iso-Chill Shorebreak Long Sleeve

We flattened out the fibers and added some science to create a game-changing fabric that quickly pulls heat away from the skin-keeping you calm, cool, and crushing at max capacity.

Armour Fleece Embossed Hook Hoodie

Armour Fleece® is our original performance replacement for old-school fleece. It’s light, incredibly warm, and has just the right amount of stretch.

We are offering the winner a choice from our entire collection of Fly Rod Series. The winner can select from our award winning SKY G, SKY, DXF, Upstream, PLUS or LRS series.

Douglas SKY G  > View Models

The distinguished SKY G Fly Rod leverages technology in its quest to achieve fly rod perfection. It’s wonderfully lightweight and eminently castable, and the addition of revolutionary G-Tec platelets takes it over the top. Altogether, you’ll find the SKY G offers superb dampening and recovery, near-effortless casting, accuracy, and outstanding durability.

Douglas SKY Series  > View Models

The Douglas Sky series is at the pinnacle of fast action, superior performance salt and freshwater fly rods. The SKY series feature ground breaking strength-to-weight ratios while boasting a pure performance. The Douglas SKY has built a reputation for featuring finely crafted actions capable of producing pin point accuracy, and longer than average casts with minimal effort.

Douglas DXF Series  > View Models

DXF Fly Rods are finished with the high-quality components. The multi-modulus blanks deliver strength and modern actions that add precision and grace to your presentation skills. XMatrix carbon technology offers a lightweight feel and a sensitivity that alerts you to the tiniest nibbles. The extensive lineup of the Douglas DXF Series has a dialed in action tailored to perform in just about every freshwater and saltwater scenario.

Douglas LRS Series  > View Models

Each model in the LRS (Lake, River, Sea) line up has been finely tuned to find the perfect action that meets the needs of veteran anglers and beginners alike. LRS Fly Rods feature an eye catching deep blue finish complemented by a nickel finished stainless stripping guide, hard chrome snake guides, quality cork grips, and a carbon reel seat with double uplocking rings.

Douglas Upstream PLUS Series  > View Models

The Upstream PLUS is a special rod. It’s just the right size, with just the right flex. If you need to protect light tippets, if you’re casting the whole line or short distances, if you’re fishing to spooky trout where delicacy is required, if you need precise cast between 20 and 70 feet, these rods can get it all done. The Upstream PLUS rods are a casters dream.

Douglas Upstream Series  > View Models

The Upstream lineup from Douglas Outdoors brings eight unique, ultra-lite fly rods to the game. Each rod is designed to have a minimum, but high function approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments. The challenge of both close casting and designing a rod that will control your line, fly and catch with authority, is a balance that Upstream strikes with ease.

Reel #1

XL — Line: 6/7 WF6+175  |  Capacity – Weight: WF7+150 – 4.7 oz  |  Diameter: 4″

Reel #2

XL MAX — Line: 8/9 WF8+175  |  Capacity – Weight: WF9+150 – 4.7 oz  |  Diameter: 4″


The Nautilus X-Series is an open-frame reel designed for lightness, strength, drag smoothness, and fast line pick up. The X-Series design has strong beams that extend from the center to a wide line guard. These angles allow for rear spool rim protection where the reel typically contacts the ground when the rod is leaned up against a wall or a car.

The totally new SCF-X drag is a sealed Teflon® and carbon fiber disc drag system. It is adjusted with a generous drag knob that offers superior gripping surface and texture for wet and cold fingers.
The highly ventilated arch design, coupled with the dual palming rim increases spool strength by 35 %. The sides of the frame leave the spool totally exposed, and the back spool rim has a generous 1/8″ secondary palming rim for added fish control. This heavy- duty secondary palming rim has the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear.

The spool is a new spin on our ultra light, award winning Giga arbor design. It is lighter than any spool of a similar size we have ever made.
Available in three frame sizes:

Learn more here

Umpqua Ledges 650 Waist Pack with tools

The Ledges 650 carries everything you need along with a few surprises.  A stiff & well-padded back-panel and waist belt provide all-day comfort and easy rotation.  The main compartment holds all your gear and stretch mesh pockets on the face are great for accessories. A nice surprise – integrated net slot and hemostat sheath, and ports for nippers and zingers make for the perfect pack.

Umpqua LT Flats Foam Loaded Fly Box

Loaded with a selection of confidence lake flies that range from buggers to techy bugs to ensure you have the right fly. Never underestimate the power of a well stocked fly box when it comes to making for a great day.

Umpqua Leader and Tippet Selection

Build the right rig so you can find success through the day when fishing these iconic waters.