Photo Credit: Alan McGuckin, Bassmaster

Todd Auten

Lake Wylie, SC •  Ambassador

Auten is a veteran angler currently fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. Todd has been fishing as a professional since 1995. He has competed on the Elite Series, FLW Pro Tour, BASS Opens, Coastas, BFLs, and PAA tournament circuit. Along the way, Auten has qualified for the Bassmaster Classic and FLW Forrest Wood Cup several times. Now in his third decade of fishing professional events, his resume now records more than 140 total B.A.S.S. events alone.

Like his peers, his love of bass fishing started at a young age. “My buddies and I would always get into local tournaments around Lake Wylie, and it was a real good fishery back then, so it seemed like everyone was fishing,” Auten says. “I started with little tournaments, but then I got into the Southern Bassmasters club, and I fished with that club for many years.”

Todd is primarily a target fishermen, “I like visible targets in shallow water. I do fish deep too, but having one or two ‘places’ isn’t my deal because a lot of times, other guys find those places and you have to fish in a crowd. I’m the guy who’s going to always try to find something by myself. I think that’s helped me over the years. If I see two or three boats in a cove, I won’t go into it, unless we’re in Florida.”

His primary techniques include spinnerbaits, ChatterBaits and jigs. There are times when specialty techniques like a dropshot or deep crankbait come in to play, but even then, he’ll typically revert back to shallow water in the attempt to figure out an area himself.