Joe Vivenzio

Joe Vivenzio

Altamont, NY  •  Guide

Joe Vivenzio was raised in a family of avid hunters and fisherman. As a boy, his father would arrange frequent weekend fishing excursions for his family and friends. Fishing for mostly Steelhead, Joe learned early on the skills that make him a well-respected guide today.

Tying his own flies – some with secret patterns, knowledge of where the fish lie throughout the day and what encourages them to bite all contribute to Joe’s success on the water. He only supports “catch and release” fly fishing.

Most days, Joe can be found at the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY – a world-class fishery where people come from all around to fish. Pulaski is a friendly town that opens its doors to people who enjoy all kinds of outdoor adventures.

As an avid outdoorsman, Joe shares his intense passion for fly-fishing with his clients. The satisfaction of watching the exuberant face of his clients while they catch a 12 lb. steelhead or a 25 lb. salmon is what keeps Joe coming back to the water every day. He introduces a world to his clients that is so closed to their fingertips.