Thanks for checking out our rods, Brian! We’re glad you like the DXF Series!
— The Douglas Team



I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the sales guys and the Douglas Fly Rods at the show in Denver, Colorado January 5-7th. My friend and I were able to cast a few of the different Douglas Fly Rods (my particular favorite was the DXF 9’6″ 6# with the fighting butt…really nice).

Price point is excellent and the rod is a joy to cast. I will be a customer very soon, but I did want you to know how impressed my friend and I were with your fly rods. The Sky is an amazing rod; however, it does not come in the size I require. The price point is also excellent, but for me the DXF is perfect balance between quality, performance and cost.

I am thrilled that I found your product during the fishing expo.