Thank you for adding us to your team and sending in this glowing review, Jim!
— The Douglas Team



I’m writing you this note to thank you for encouraging me to purchase your Douglas Sky rod. I have a fish story to tell you. I have been using the 7wt. Sky lined with 8wt. Line for redfish this past year, and it has worked beautifully.

This last week, I decided to take the 7wt. Sky matched with the Nexus Reel to the East end of Grand Bahama Island to do some bonefishing. It turned out to be the most incredible trip I have ever made there. An hour into the first day of fishing, I had boated one nice 4lb bone, when my guide…..

Philip Thomas Jr. (Capt. Phil & Mel Bonefishing) spotted two permit feeding while following two stingrays. They were about 300 yards away. We poled up to about 100 ft., and they still hadn’t seen us as they were still following the rays and feeding. My guide got the boat positioned perfectly and I made a 60ft. cast to the back side of the lead ray. Both fish saw the crab pattern and started to track it. A few strips later, the larger fish inhaled the fly, and the game was on. As you know, big permit are usually fished with a 9 or 10wt. rod, so we were undergunned from the start. But, what I want to tell you and your company, the 7wt. did an unbelievable job without any problem whatsoever, and after about a ½ hour fight we had the 30+ lb Permit boatside, took a few pics and revived the fish for a successful release. This was truly a fish of a lifetime on fly.

As you know, it is always a team effort to catch a fish like this on the flats. Everything has to work perfectly…. Guide, Angler, rod, reel, line, etc. I just want to add you to that team for turning me on to your product. All my other 8wt. Rods will now just gather dust, as I have given them all a back seat to the 7wt. Douglas Sky .

I have enclosed some pictures for you. If you feel they might be useful in promotion, I would hope proper credit be given the guide.

Angler: Jim Hider Cape Coral, FL
Guide: Philip Thomas Jr. (Phil & Mels Bonefishing) McLeans Town, Grand Bahama
Rod: Douglas Sky 7wt. 12lb. Tippet
Date: 6/19/18

Thanks again for a Great Fly Rod.

Jim Hider


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