We’re super glad to hear we could help you out and that you love your SKY series rod, J.S.!
— The Douglas Team


Hello gentlemen,

I’d like to thank you both for the quick and detailed responses to my query about the Sky 6wt. I apologize for not responding right away.

With that said, I drove out to Montana and was able to fish and camp for much of July. Since there is no longer a local fly shop in the Buffalo, NY area to check out your rods in person, my first stop was actually at the Yellowstone Angler in Livingston where I got to see and grass cast this Sky rod in person. What a delicious rod! I bought it on the spot and started putting it through its paces that very day. I fished six different rivers in three weeks and landed well over 200 fish with that rod. From small creek brookies on size 18 PMD dries to a few tanks bouncing streamers off the banks of the Yellowstone, and even one monster brown chuck’n-n-duck’n a hearty drop shot rig on the Madison. It performed perfectly and flawlessly in every scenario.

I did end up getting the 6S with the fighting butt, and once I figured out how to manage line getting caught on it during some heavy winds one day, I was actually grateful I had that butt to land a few bruisers I was fortunate to hook up with.

This is without a doubt the best fly rod I have ever owned in 20+ years of fly fishing, and I even like to just pull it out and look at it sometimes. Can’t wait to test it out on the fall run of steelhead that should be arriving within the next 4-6 weeks here in Western NY.

So thanks again for the time you took to answer my long winded questions, and I appreciate the advice that I strongly consider the fighting butt version.