“…I was more than pleasantly surprised with the Upstream. Those first few minutes on the water impressed me, as I was able to put the small, size 18 parachute Adams precisely and delicately wherever I wanted to. The Wulff line definitely fit the rod perfectly. I could feel the blank flexing, and was easily able to find the measured and gentle casting stroke necessary to create tight loops. Casting was natural and enjoyable.

But perhaps the most telling and significant gauge for the legitimacy of the Upstream as a serious fly rod was the fact that I “forgot” I was using it. After taking some time to deliberately focus on how the rod performed, I slipped into full-on fishing mode. I threw larger dries, some nymphs, and even a couple of different dropper rigs. The fact that I was using a practically weightless rod didn’t cross my mind. I was thinking about where the brook trout would be, concentrating on being stealthy, and how good it was to be out on the water. I was fishing…”

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