Photo Credit: Justin Onslow & Charles Waldrof, FLW.


On day two of the Costa FLW Series Southeastern Division event on Lake Chickamauga, Douglas Pro Brent Butler weighed in a bag he’ll never forget. Weighing in 37 pounds, 5 ounces, it not only catapulted him from 40th to 1st place, it also etched his name in the record books! Brent is now fifth on the list for the all-time heaviest one-day catch totaled in a FLW Costa Series event.

Brent manage to hold on to his lead throughout Day 3 of the tournament to solidify his win and collect a $45,800 check!

Butler’s victory is far from devoid of great storylines. The high school teacher and humble family man hammered on Chickamauga giants all week, yes, but the results are only part of the story. His passion for fishing is where it all starts. As impressive as winning an FLW Series event is, what really stands out about Butler’s win is the way he did it. As he explained on the weigh-in stage in front of an FLW Live camera, each day presented different challenges, and each day he changed his approach to deliver what…


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Gear Notes:

> Umbrella rig gear: 8’ medium-heavy Douglas Outdoors LRS casting rod, 4.3” Keitech Swing Impact FAT swimbaits (pro blue red pearl), 4” Zoom Swimmin Super Fluke Jr. (albino).

> Butler used the Keitech baits on the jig heads and the Zoom Flukes on the two dummy (hookless) wires.

> He wasn’t picky on where he threw the umbrella rig, using it in both shallow-water and offshore scenarios.

> Lipless crankbait gear: 7’1” medium-heavy Douglas Outdoors LRS casting rod, Strike King Red Eye Shad (chrome).

> Butler says the bait he had tied on has very little of its original paint left on it. He has three others just like it but could not generate bites with them like he could with the well-worn model.

> Jerkbait (shallow) gear: 7’ medium-action Douglas Outdoors LRS spinning rod, Lucky Craft Pointer Minnow 100 jerkbait (chartreuse shad).

> Jerkbait (deep) gear: 7’2” medium-action Douglas Outdoors LRS spinning rod,

> Swimbait gear: 7’6” heavy-action Douglas Outdoors LRS casting rod,(5/0 hook) VMC SBJ Swimbait jig head, 6.5” Producer Swimbaits Swiminator (TN Shad).

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