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Euro Nymphing for Trout

Euro nymphing or tight line nymphing, has become widely popular with trout anglers from all corners of the country and across the globe. Find a trout stream and you’ll likely find a fisherman utilizing the Euro nymphing technique. Its effectiveness is well documented and is a direct result of delivering flies straight to the living
May 18, 2021 Tips

“A Journey Upstream” Official Selection of the Fly Fishing Film Tour

  Douglas Storytellers Andrew and Eric Braker are making a big debut with their film “A Journey Upstream.” The film is an official selection of the Fly Fishing Film Tour (Lefty Kreh Youth Film of the year), and Annapolis Film Festival. Courtesy of Kirk Marks “A Journey Upstream” - An Official Selection of the Fly
April 22, 2021 News, Stories

SKY G 6904 vs. SKY G S6904 — Whats The Difference?

The new award-winning Douglas Outdoors SKY G 6-weight fly rod is offered in both freshwater and saltwater models. But even if you live a thousand miles from the nearest ocean, don’t be so quick to write-off the saltwater version. As you’ll learn, some freshwater anglers actually prefer the 6-weight Salt over it’s smaller brother. Similarities:
March 26, 2021 Fly Rods, Review

The Best 6 Weight Fly Rod

“The Sky G is the perfect all-around 6-weight. For me it has the perfect blend of power and finesse.” Jamie Anderson – Yellowstone Angler Douglas SKY G Wins Best 6 Weight Fly Rod! Douglas Outdoors is proud to announce that our new SKY G 6-weight fly rod is the winner of Yellowstone Angler’s 2021 6-Weight
March 26, 2021 News, Review

5 Tips to Catch More Stripers

      Article written by Douglas Pro Bill Mitchell of Seven Stripes Fishing Charters in Cape Cod, MA.

March 5, 2021 Tips

How to Pick the Right Fly Rod

By Spencer Durrant I’ve spent most of the past decade reviewing fly fishing, hunting, and outdoors gear. Throughout that time, I reckon I’ve fished north of 100 different fly rods. To this day, I still find myself spending too much time choosing which rod to bring to the water on any given day. Granted, I

November 10, 2020 Stories, Tips

Running with the Bulls

Article By: Spencer Durrant @Spencer_Durrant The smoke-filled sky slowly darkened while I pitched a brand-new tent. It was August, and unseasonably chilly, even for my being in a valley in northern Idaho around 9,000 feet above sea level. Blair and I had been on the road for hours, finally coming to a bumpy stop on
August 26, 2020 Stories

Spring Creeks Under The Big Sky

Article By: Cody Ling @kai_yo_tay Hopper fishing in Montana is tough to beat, and last summer was no exception. After a tremendous winter we started last season with a quality snow pack. Usually by August we are experiencing river closures to help protect fish from becoming overly stressed in warm water. Fortunately, anglers did not
July 29, 2020 Stories

Costa Rica Fly Fishing – La Pura Vida

Rob Herrmann Photography Exploring new destinations and gathering new experiences has been a passion of mine since I can first remember. Quite often these adventures are led by the fine end of a fishing rod. When my better half and I were invited along for a 'vacation' stay at a small resort in Costa Rica,
February 10, 2020 Stories

Winner of Best 5-Weight Fly Rod

PICKING THE BEST 5-WEIGHT RODS Yellowstone Angler has found that the new 5-weight rods are getting better and better each year. Often only subtle differences separate one rod from another. Casting and rating the performance of the rods at different distances is the real meat of our Shootouts, and also the reason we have separated
December 3, 2019 News, Review
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