Customer Testimonial Ron W.

  “Just wanted to drop you at Douglas a line to tell you about my experience with your sky fly rod. I absolutely love this rod. It roll casts like a charm. I do a lot of nymph fishing and this rod really performs. It’s accuracy with casts is impeccable. Today I decided to fish

Douglas SKY 9’ 8wt review

Author: Richard Franklin (sweetandsalt senior member)   I have cast, fished and/or own a bunch of Douglas SKY’s from small stream trout to oceanic environs sizes. Douglas Outdoors is a New York State company that someday is going to build rods in a brand new, advanced technology rod shop but currently has them fabricated in

Douglas Euro Rod Testimonial

I walked into UpCountry in New Hartford CT, my home shop as a guide, and Grady Allen the owner, walked over. “I have a new rod for you (here we go again, the wife is gonna kill me if I try to sneak home another rod). “It’s a Douglas SKY, a euro style 11′- 3wt.


We’re super glad to hear we could help you out and that you love your SKY series rod, J.S.! — The Douglas Team   Hello gentlemen, I’d like to thank you both for the quick and detailed responses to my query about the Sky 6wt. I apologize for not responding right away. With that said,

Customer Testimonial – Ariel Kane

We’re glad to hear you love the SKY series, Ariel! — The Douglas Team   When a friend let me try his 7 Wt Douglas Sky out on the flats one day, I effortlessly cast virtually the entire fly line – that was a first! I turned to my husband and said “I have to

Customer Testimonial – Shya Kane

 Thanks for choosing Douglas, Shya! — The Douglas Team   I have been flyfishing in salt water for more than 25 years, and over that time I have acquired several high end fly rods. Since finding the Douglas Sky series, the others are gathering dust!

Customer Testimonial – Gary Merriman of Fish Hawk Fly Shop

 Thank you for the kind words, Gary! — The Douglas Team   There are scores of well-made, quality rods on the market today. The challenge for every fly shop is what to carry. When I saw Douglas Outdoors’ 3-weight, 6-piece rod, I loved it. They are selling well as I knew they would. Give me

Customer Testimonial – Jim Hider

Thank you for adding us to your team and sending in this glowing review, Jim! — The Douglas Team   John, I’m writing you this note to thank you for encouraging me to purchase your Douglas Sky rod. I have a fish story to tell you. I have been using the 7wt. Sky lined with

Customer Testimonial – Ira Miller

Thank you for the kind words, Ira! We’re glad you loved your experience with our Sky rods! — The Douglas Team   I recently introduced my daughter to fly fishing on a fall trip to West Virginia. After a 1/2 hr lesson from the guide using my Helios 2 9’5wt tip flex she was throwing

Customer Testimonial – Max Worthey

We’re stoked to hear you love your Upstream, Max! — The Douglas Team   Hello, I’m just letting you know that the Upstream 2804 is the best rod I have fished to date. I now own two and they are my favorites out of my collection. p.s. Thanks for the decals, I received them yesterday

Customer Testimonial – Steven Brown

Thank you for all of your support of Douglas Rods at Fly Fish Guanaja, Steven! We’re looking forward to seeing the next world-record permit caught with a SKY! — The Douglas Team   20 years guiding in Colorado and 10 years owning and running Fly Fish Guanaja has been a career I wouldn’t trade for

Customer Testimonial – Brian Arnott

Thanks for checking out our rods, Brian! We’re glad you like the DXF Series! — The Douglas Team   Hi, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the sales guys and the Douglas Fly Rods at the show in Denver, Colorado January 5-7th. My friend and I were able to