James Sinnamon

South Eastern Australia

James Sinnamon is a south eastern Australian local, and grew up fishing the saltwater estuarine systems of the south NSW coast. James fished everything from shallow sand flats to deep snag ridden waters, for 6-10 years, with explorations into mountain gorge country all over NSW chasing Australian natives and trout. For the past 6 years he has been exploring the fresh and salt water systems in Tasmania, whilst studying and graduating with a Bachelor of Marine Science. This study highlighted the importance of conservation and fishing for the future, while enabling him to get a deeper understanding surrounding fisheries and the marine environment. In Tasmania he has been found exploring everything from rivers, hiking into remote back lakes for multiple days at a time, navigating around the large variety of lakes with boats in search of trout and punting around the saltwater. His goal is to start a guiding business, continuing to take people fly fishing in Tasmania throughout the summer months, fishing or trout in the fresh and bream in the saltwater. While spending the winter months hunting a large variety of saltwater species in the north and western coasts of Australia. After recently graduating his degree, he is spending his days working on building a lifestyle that allows him to fish and experience a large variety of fisheries as much as possible for the rest of his life. When James is not guiding, he can most likely be found hunting a fish somewhere.