Brian Stewart

Virginia and Tennesse

Where do you guide? I guide in VA and TN. I offer full and half day trips both float and wade trips. I own a framed raft and a ClackaCraft Eddy. I offer trips on the New River and North Fork of the Holston for Bass and the South Fork of Holston, Whitetop Laurel,Holston and Watauga River for trout. What styles of fishing and species fish are your expertise? My main target species are trout and smallmouth bass. Euro contact style nymphing definitely puts more fish in the net in the mountain streams for sure in Va. Tennessee— I love mousing on a full moon night on the Holston River for monster Browns. Not the most productive way of fishing but the blow ups will definitely make you lose a lot of sleep in the summer. Why Douglas? After Fly fishing for over 28 years I’ve used a lot of rods. It was difficult to find a single company that makes rods meeting my needs from a small stream rod, a streamer rod for throwing articulated streamers, to a euro rod that can double as a boat rod for intermediate clients. Not to mention I am OCD about all my gear preforming as good as it looks. I find Douglas rods to be very sensitive to detect the slightest take and super responsive to hook sets.