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Douglas Outdoors is committed to producing only the best fly rods.

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Each rod is designed for a specific purpose and fishing style.

Best Swimbait Rod Blog

Best Swimbait Rod

Douglas Ambassador, Oliver Ngy, is one of the most iconic names in swimbait fishing. He has made a name for himself chasing big bass on big baits. We asked him what the most important characteristics of the best swimbait rods are, here’s what he said:

Pre-spawn Bass Fishing

Pre-spawn bass fishing offers anglers an opportunity to catch hungry bass building reserves for the upcoming spawn. Use these tips and tricks to find success.

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Fly Fishing for Redfish

Fly Fishing for Redfish

Fly fishing for redfish, also known as red drum, has become extremely popular in recent years. Redfish are a saltwater species that are commonly found along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. They are predatory and known for their powerful runs...

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Centerpin Fishing: Setup and Tips

Centerpin Fishing: Setup and Tips

Centerpin fishing is a specialized method of fishing that originated in the Pacific Northwest and is now popular in many other regions around the world. It involves using a long, thin rod and a large, free-spinning reel to drift bait or lures in rivers or streams. The...

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Trout Spey: Tips and Rod Setup

Trout Spey: Tips and Rod Setup

Trout spey is a fun and exciting way to fish for trout and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Trout spey is also classified as swinging flies for trout. Anglers who love swinging for steelhead found a way to scratch the itch while steelhead are...

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