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Heaven On Earth

Article By: Cody Ling @kai_yo_tay Montana has a long history of mining hard metals. Butte, specifically, has been called “The Richest Hill On Earth” and has been the epicenter of mining in the Treasure State. Although mining has been an economic crutch for Montana, the reality is that it can result in harsh environmental impacts.
August 6, 2019 Stories

Father’s Day

By Cody Ling @kai_yo_tay Father’s day is a special time for most. It’s a day that we get to ignore the busyness of life and remember the times we have shared with our dads. Some of us may think back to throwing a ball around in the yard with him, or seeing him man the

Lessons from the Ladder

By Tyler Christensen: As a fly fisherman, do you have those places that grab hold of a piece of you and you just can’t let them go? Somewhere that is just the right amount of torture mixed with euphoria? A recent trip that I took to Pyramid Lake reminded me of all the reasons that
March 29, 2019 Stories

Getting to know the champ

Douglas Pro Brent Butler: FLW Champion | Photo: Justin Onslow, FLW Husband, step father, high school teacher, angler, coach, and now…FLW Champion! We caught up with Douglas Pro Brent Butler from Vonore, Tennessee to talk with him about the Costa FLW Lake Chickamauga event he just won with a 68lb. 8oz. three-day total. We have been
March 29, 2019 Stories

More Women Fly Fishing – CBS 4 Denver

A segment from CBS 4 Denver which filmed and aired during the 2019 Fly Fishing Show. Highlighting how our sport is gaining in popularity among women. And … featuring some great rods!  

January 9, 2019 Stories

Respect the Spawn

By Spencer Durrant   Each year, as summer gives way to fall and the oppressive heat gives way to merciful cool weather, brown trout across the country get all gussied up for their annual dance. It’s a sign that hunting season isn’t far off, that cold mornings with a hot cup of coffee are near,

November 19, 2018 Stories, Tips

Getting to know the SKY

  I recently got my hands on the Douglas Sky 9ft 6wt. It felt like Christmas came early as I unboxed this rod at my doorstep because I couldn’t wait to even step through my front door before opening it. I had heard a lot about this rod and had read even more. After it

August 8, 2018 Stories

Creatures of Habit

By Spencer Durrant   Fly fishermen are many things – not all of them pleasant – but we’re nothing if not creatures of habit. Look no further than your own fishing calendar. How many trips do you schedule for tradition’s sake? I’m as guilty as the next guy. Each spring I go to Oregon with

July 26, 2018 Stories