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Catching a winter steelhead is one of the most exciting and rewarding experience an angler can have. With the added difficulty of the elements, and the lethargic state the steelhead are in, connecting with a fish does not come easy. Regardless of the technique or tactic used to catch fish, anglers willing to brave the cold and wet conditions relish in the thought of landing of these special fish.

With a wide range of techniques available to use to catch winter steelhead, Senior Rod Designer Fred Contaoi created the following rods for a specific fishing tactic.

Rods for Winter Steelhead

Bobber Dogging

Drift fishing with a float, bobber dogging is an effective way to cover water without as many snags. Douglas Pro JD Richey explains how to bobber dog for steelhead.

Side Drifting

With the bait and weight bouncing along, side drifting provides one of the most natural presentations available. Interested in learning more? Douglas Pro JD Richey explains how to side drift for steelhead.

Spoons & Spinners

Fishing spoons and spinners is an exciting way to target steelhead. Anglers who fish this technique are sure to experience explosive takes and bites.

Bottom Bouncing

Bottom bouncing gets the bait down in front of the fish, even in faster water. This technique works best on rocky-bottom rivers.

Backtrolling & Plugging

Starting at the head of a run and working your way down, backtrolling and plugging is known for aggressive takes from explosive fish.

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