The Difference Between Spinning and Casting Rods

Most anglers have heard of spinning and casting rods, but might not know what the difference is between the two. Understanding the difference between a spinning and casting rod is important for knowing which rod to use for specific techniques and conditions – which can improve an angler’s ability to bring fish to the boat.    

Let’s get a little more into the differences between the two.  

What is a Spinning Rod

When comparing the two rods side by side, appearance is one of the first things that sticks out. A spinning rod has slightly larger guides and are found on the bottom side of the rod. The reel is attached to the bottom side of the rod.  

Spinning rods are typically better suited for fishing more compact, lightweight setups. Some of the main fishing styles that are often fished on a spinning rod include:  

  • Wacky rigs 
  • Neko rigs 
  • Weightless Texas Rigs.  

Spinning rods are also a perfect option when fishing smaller, finesse bottom baits such as: 

  • Drop-shot rigs  
  • Ned rigs  
  • Tubes 

What is a Casting Rod

A casting rod on the other hand, has smaller, more compact guides that are located on top side of the rod – as you hold it. The reel is also attached on the top side of the rod. Casting reels are also known as ‘bait-casters’ or ‘low-profile’ reels.   

When should you use a casting rod? These rods are often a better option when longer casts and larger rigs are needed to catch fish. They are the perfect rod for fishing styles such as: 

  • Flipping 
  • Deep-cranking 
  • Top-water frogging  

Different casting set ups will be better suited for different styles fishing based on the rod specs. Casting rods are more often than not going to perform better with heavier line and lures.  

Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod – What are the Pros? 

A few pros of spinning rods include: 

  • Easy to use 
  • Less prone to tangles and/or knots. 
  • Great for light weight, sensitive set-ups. 

A few pros for casting rods include: 

  • Allows for longer, more accurate casts 
  • More versatile 
  • Better performance for flipping and skipping. 

While each rod is better suited for different fishing techniques, there are several situations where an angler’s personal preference is the deciding factor. If you feel more comfortable fishing one rod over another, and it doesn’t hinder your ability to catch fish – then fish the setup you’re more confident with.  

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