Best 5wt Fly Rod 2024!

Douglas SKY G Wins Best 5wt Fly Rod in Yellowstone Angler 5wt Shootout for 2020 and again in 2024!

The results for this year’s Yellowstone Angler 5wt Shootout are in, and the Douglas Sky G has once again claimed the title of Best 5wt fly rod. This incredible rod has now secured back-to-back wins, reinforcing its reputation as an exceptional all-around performer.

In addition to the overall win, the Sky G stood out in several specific categories:

  • Best Feel for a 5-Weight
  • Lightest Swing Weight
  • Best 25′ Performance
  • Best 35′ Performance
  • Best Warranty Policy

The Yellowstone Angler 5wt Shootout is renowned for its thorough testing, stringent criteria, and detailed feedback. Anglers interested in the comprehensive review should read the full results to understand why the Douglas Sky G is so highly praised.

SKY G 5904

Shootout Endorsements

The Douglas Sky G earns high praise in comments from multiple experts:

James Anderson: “This is a rod that can do it all, a true ace of all trades.”

Joe Sherman: “It’s a testament to Douglas’ rod design that such a light and delicate rod at short range can still be a real powerhouse at long distance.”

Ken Phillips: “I think this is one of the best rods in the Shootout. Soft tip with power from the butt and mid-section. Strong cast with a nice light presentation. I consider this one of the best all-around rods.”

Justin Todd: The Sky has a very light feel to it. I like the color and the matte finish recoil guides. On the water, the Sky G was great with dries and threw nymphs with ease.

The Sky G’s performance at various distances impressed many:
It gave us nearly perfect performance at the shorter distances and extremely good results right out to 45 feet…it’s hundreds of dollars less than our other competing 5-weight rods while providing better performance in most cases.

SKY G 5904

Testing Updates and Criteria

This year’s Shootout introduced several changes to enhance the accuracy and relevance of the testing:

  • Manufacturer-Recommended Line: Each rod was tested with the line recommended by its manufacturer.
  • Real Fishing Conditions: Rods were tested in real fishing scenarios with dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.
  • New Casting Distances: The rods were evaluated at 25’, 35’, 45’, and 60’ distances (previously 25’, 45’, and 70’).
  • MOI Figures: The Moment of Inertia (MOI) figures were included in the Objective Observation chart to provide a more scientific measure of swing weight.
  • Craftsmanship and Components: More specific categories were introduced for grading craftsmanship and components.
  • Price Group Charts: Charts were separated by price groups—High-End Rods, Mid-Priced Rods, and Inexpensive Rods—to help buyers find the best option within their budget.


The Douglas Sky G continues to set the standard for 5wt rods, proving its excellence with yet another win in the Yellowstone Angler 5wt Shootout. Whether you’re casting at short or long distances, this rod delivers outstanding performance, making it a top choice for anglers seeking versatility and quality.

For a detailed review and full results, visit Yellowstone Angler.

SKY G 5904