California Crappie Record set by Clearlake Outdoors

Authorized Douglas Dealer sets California Crappie State Record!

Dave Burruss’ (owner of  Clear Lake Outdoors’ in Lakeport, CA) day took an unexpected turn when a normal Wednesday outing led to an unanticipated monumental achievement. After a long day of no bites throwing a  4-inch Keitech Easy Shiner on a Cool Baits Underspin, Dave set the hook into something fierce. He started reeling in the 5lb bass at the end of the line, or so he thought… 

Halfway through the fight, when the fish breached the surface Burruss realized it was a  GIANT crappie. After getting it in the boat Dave thought there just might be a chance that he set the record.  And after weighing it at on a state-certified scale turns out to be 4lbs 5oz! A record-breaking fish in all of California. After submission he passed the previous holder by four ounces. Burruss stated that he is going to mount the crappie in his shop for everyone to see. It will represent an unforgettable event. Stumbling for the net on a crappie isn’t something you will experience often.  

Photo credit: Terry Knight, Dave Burruss