JD Desrosiers

Greer, North Carolina

Growing up in the upstate of South Carolina, I cut my teeth on chasing Rainbow trout with my grandfather on the Eastatoe river. As I grew older, I progressed into saltwater fishing with my father, and then I found a deep love for kayak fishing. But for the last 2 years I have been on the hunt for Rainbow Brown, and Bookies. I enjoy traveling all over the southeast hunting down all types of fish from wading to kayaking. Currently, I focus on river paddling, Fly Fishing, saltwater paddling, and Conservation. Being in upstate South Carolina I can be at a river, pond or lake in about 20 minutes or at the coast in 3 hours. This not only makes for an excellent fishery, but a diverse amount of water to cover and explore. Not only do I enjoy kayak fishing, I also enjoy exploring new waters and meeting new people. Going to new places and meeting the people around those areas intrigues me. I feel I can learn something from everyone and hope to teach people some of things I have learned in my adventure in life. I also have a very deep passion for photography and creative writing. I am very excited to be apart of and surround by the amazing team at Douglas Outdoors, and I look to help grow their name inside of the industry both on and off the water.