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Douglas Ambassador, Oliver Ngy, is one of the most iconic names in swimbait fishing. He has made a name for himself chasing big bass on big baits. We asked him what the most important characteristics of the best swimbait rods are, here’s what he said: 

Oliver Ngy Swimbait Rod

  • Length: Swimbaits are typically larger and heavier than other lures, so a good swimbait rod should be longer, generally between 7’6″ to 8’6″ in length. This length provides the necessary leverage to cast heavier lures and control larger fish.  You will want to incorporate the shorter rods for tight quarters, accurate casting in and around shallow cover and objects.  Longer rods for long casts to cover water and present big baits more effectively on offshore structure. 
  • Power and Action: A swimbait rod should have a heavy power rating and a moderate to fast action. The heavy power rating provides the necessary backbone to handle the weight of the swimbait and the moderate to fast action helps with casting distance and accuracy.  Make sure to utilize a softer rod for hard baits and treble hooks, a faster rod for single hooks and soft baits. 
  • Sensitivity: The rod should be sensitive enough to detect subtle bites and changes in the bottom structure. The sensitivity of the rod allows you to feel what’s going on beneath the water’s surface and make the necessary adjustments.  Being in tune with the way your lure is swimming is key to detecting bites, especially when they’re subtle.  Being able to detect something slightly different in the vibration of your lure, or even the amount of water displacement can be the only clue that a fish has engulfed your big lure. 
  • Strength: A good swimbait rod should be strong enough to handle the weight and power of the fish you’re targeting. The rod should be made of high-quality materials, such as graphite or composite, that can withstand the stress of fighting large fish.   
  • Comfort: The rod should be comfortable to use for extended periods. Look for a rod with a comfortable handle and a balanced design that reduces fatigue and strain on your hands and arms.  A properly balanced rod, reel, line combination will mitigate fatigue and enhance efficiency making you a more effective angler. 

Douglas Swimbait Rods

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best swimbait rods on the market – all backed by our limited lifetime warranty. Here is a list of our swimbait rods: 

XMatrix Series: 

  • DXC 765F 
  • DXC 784F 
  • DXC 7115F 
  • DXC 7116F 
  • DXC 805F 
  • DXC 805MF 
  • DXC 807F 

LRS Series: 

  • LRS C784F 
  • LRS C7115F 
  • LRS C805F 
  • LRS C805MF 

What is a Swimbait Rod?

In case you are unaware of what a swimbait rod is, here’s a quick explanation. A swimbait rod is a type of fishing rod designed specifically for fishing with swimbaits. Swimbaits are large, heavy lures that are designed to mimic the swimming action of baitfish, and they require a special type of rod to be cast and retrieved effectively. 

Swimbait rods are typically longer and more powerful than other types of fishing rods. They are designed to provide the necessary leverage and casting distance to handle the weight of the swimbait and the large fish that are often attracted to it. Swimbait rods are typically rated as heavy or extra-heavy power, with fast to moderate-fast actions. 

More About Oliver Ngy

Oliver Ngy is a self-taught angler from Southern California. He learned the values of commitment and dedication at an early age, and has since become a familiar face in the bass scene. He’s renowned for catching monster fish of many species with a specialty in double-digit largemouth, 5-plus-pound smallmouth bass and trophy fish in general. Oliver is currently competing nationally in the Bassmaster Open Tour while exploring multi-species fishing opportunities along the way throughout North America and abroad. 

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