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Euro Nymphing for Trout

Euro nymphing or tight line nymphing, has become widely popular with trout anglers from all corners of the country and across the globe. Find a trout stream and you’ll likely find a fisherman utilizing the Euro nymphing technique. Its effectiveness is well documented and is a direct result of delivering flies straight to the living
May 18, 2021 Tips

5 Tips to Catch More Stripers

      Article written by Douglas Pro Bill Mitchell of Seven Stripes Fishing Charters in Cape Cod, MA.

March 5, 2021 Tips

How to Pick the Right Fly Rod

By Spencer Durrant I’ve spent most of the past decade reviewing fly fishing, hunting, and outdoors gear. Throughout that time, I reckon I’ve fished north of 100 different fly rods. To this day, I still find myself spending too much time choosing which rod to bring to the water on any given day. Granted, I

November 10, 2020 Stories, Tips

Kyle Patrick Tournament Season Recap

Mission Accomplished Bass fishing in Upstate NY in 2020 was a huge success for Kyle Patrick. In just under four months, he has won a total of 16 tournaments. With his placements, he qualifies for the Bassmaster team trail championship through Empire Team Trial which is going to be on Harris Chain December 9-12th. This

October 28, 2020 Stories, Tips

Essential Tips for Streamer Fishing

    “If you haven’t played Russian Roulette with frostbite just for the chance at a great day of winter streamer fishing, you should try it this year.”

November 14, 2019 Stories, Tips

Understanding Fly Rod Action

By Spencer Durrant   A few months ago I found myself in a tight spot money-wise. We all get there, and we all find creative ways to get out of them. One look at my collection of two dozen fly rods was all I needed to know that selling a few wouldn’t break my heart

May 20, 2019 Tips

Respect the Spawn

By Spencer Durrant   Each year, as summer gives way to fall and the oppressive heat gives way to merciful cool weather, brown trout across the country get all gussied up for their annual dance. It’s a sign that hunting season isn’t far off, that cold mornings with a hot cup of coffee are near,

November 19, 2018 Stories, Tips

A Guide to Hopper Fishing Season

  By Spencer Durrant   It’s been a weird year here in the Rocky Mountains. Most of us – Montana and Wyoming excluded – had a worryingly light winter. Wild temperature swings threw off the hatch schedule, too. Most bugs were a month late. Then the entire Western United States went up in flames. Thankfully,

September 5, 2018 Tips

Euro Nymphing for Beginners: Rigging the Rod

By Spencer Durrant   European nymphing is the new Tenkara. Everyone’s doing it, and just like any new fishing fad, you have the guys who swear it’s the only way to fish. That’s not quite true, but as someone who grew up fishing dries in a Rocky Mountain spring creek, I’ll vouch for Euro nymphing’s

August 20, 2018 Tips